Pet Wellness Exams from Our Rio Verde and Fountain Hills Veterinarian

It’s great to know that you have a Rio Verde and Fountain Hill veterinarian who can treat your pets for a wide range of ailments, from minor conditions to major emergencies. But it’s even better to know that your animal hospital can help you optimize your furry friends’ everyday health so those ailments are less likely to occur. Preventative wellness is always the best medicine — and that’s why we’re always happy to provide pet wellness exams here at Friendship Pet Hospital.

Regular Wellness Exams With You Fountain Hills Veterinarian

While some veterinary health problems may be obvious enough to prompt a visit to our animal hospital, others can prove far more subtle, sneaking up on your pet and possibly doing extensive harm even before you would ever be aware of a problem. Schedule wellness exams at regular intervals allows your veterinarian in Fountain Hills, Dr. Hoban or Dr. Emerson, to detect such elusive conditions as cancers, internal parasites, endocrine disorders or organ failure in their very earliest stages. This enables us to administer immediate treatment to get the problem under control as easily and cost-effectively as possible. We recommend such smart precautions as:

  • Annual Pet Exams – Most healthy adult animals are well served by an annual pet exam. A typical annual pet involves both internal and external evaluations. In addition to examining your pet’s ears, ears, skin and other external features, your vet will also run lab tests on blood and fecal samples to check for systemic abnormalities, parasitic infestations and other conditions that require either further evaluation or immediate treatment.
  • Pet Dental Exams – An annual pet dental exam is another essential form of preventative care for most healthy adult pets, although certain animals who are especially vulnerable to dental problems may need more frequent checkups. We can administer x-rays and other diagnostic procedures to check for dental infections, gum disease, oral cancer and other threats. Your veterinarian in Fountain Hills can also perform teeth cleaning under anesthesia to get rid of the tartar that promotes gum disease.
  • Puppy/Kitten Exams – Puppies and kittens need a thorough initial wellness exam with a special emphasis on parasite screening and core vaccinations to protect against killer diseases. These procedures will be repeated/reinforced as needed during later pet wellness exams.
  • Senior Pet Care – Senior pet exams address the extra issues that tend to come up in senior pet care. Geriatric animals are more prone to cancer, organ failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, degenerative joint problems and chronic pain. We may recommend two or more exams a year for your elderly friend so we can monitor his condition and prescribe senior pet care services as needed.

Schedule an Annual Pet Exam at Our Animal Hospital

Your Fountain Hills veterinarian is ready to help you provide a healthy life for your pets. Call our animal hospital today to schedule an annual pet exam!

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