Pet Surgery With Your Fountain Hills Veterinarian

Whether routine or emergency, simple or complex, the only place to put your pet’s surgery is in the proficient and practiced hands of your Fountain Hills veterinarian and our pet surgery team at Friendship Pet Hospital. Not only is our veterinarian in Fountain Hills a talented surgeon, as a team, we treat each patient with the care, concern and watchfulness as if they were our own.

Routine Animal Surgery
At the top of the list of routine pet surgery is spay and neuter surgery. This important animal surgery is part of our wellness approach to pet health care because of tremendous preventative benefits. They are also procedures that serve our community by reducing the potential number of unwanted pets crowding shelters. Other routine procedures include declaw and pet dental procedures.

Non-routine Animal Surgery
Our Rio Verde veterinarian also performs a number of soft tissue surgeries including removal of any suspicious lumps and bumps. We also perform eye and bladder surgery and use laser surgery to minimize patients’ discomfort and hasten healing times after surgery.

Pre-surgical Testing
No pet undergoes surgery without a series of pre-op tests that include a physical exam, bloodwork and urinalysis. If we detect any abnormalities or illness, we will not perform the surgery as scheduled.

At our animal hospital, we use anesthesia for all surgeries. We understand that often owners are hesitant about its use, but it is the only way for pets to be comfortable and safe. It also allows surgeons to be able to work without difficulty. Be comforted knowing that we only use the best pet-safe anesthesia product available.

During Surgery
Once pets are anesthetized, they are brought into the surgical suite. Throughout the entire surgery we have a dedicated technician who watches your pet and the equipment monitoring him every second throughout the animal surgery. We are also proud to say that we have the very best and latest technology and equipment available in veterinary medicine today. Plus, our veterinarian in Fountain Hills is one of the most skilled and competent surgeons in the entire area.

After Surgery
Monitoring pets after surgery is just as important as monitoring them during surgery. Pets awaken from anesthesia at different rates and in different ways. The same technician assigned to your pet during the surgery will be there for the post-op period.

Learn More About Our Fountain Hills Pet Surgery Procedures!

Depending on the surgery and your pet’s post-op recovery, he or she may or may not be able to go home the same day. When your pet does go home, our Rio Verde veterinarian will give you a detailed explanation of how the surgery went and what was done. We’ll also give you instructions and show you how to change dressings, give medications and help your pet rest. Depending on the procedure, you may be sent home with an Elizabethan collar to protect the surgical area by keeping your pet from aggravating it.

No matter what animal surgery your pet needs, for the very best Fountain Hills pet surgery, call us today!

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