Pet Dermatology at Friendship Pet Hospital

When you consider all the environmental factors the typical pet is exposed to on a daily basis, and the many systemic ailments pets can suffer from over the course of a lifetime, it’s little wonder that skin problems can pose recurring or ongoing threats to your dog or cat’s well being. Recognizing the signs and causes of these ailments is half the battle — and the other half is getting the necessary treatment for your best friend. Here at Friendship Pet Hospital, we’re proud to provide pet dermatology services for Fountain Hills animals.

Common Pet Skin Conditions

Skin conditions may stem from allergic reactions, fungal or bacterial infections, parasitic infestations, nutritional imbalances or other issues.  Some of the more common pet skin conditions to watch out for in your dog or cat include:

  • Allergic lesions – Allergens in the environment or in your pet’s food can cause redness, swelling and other kinds of skin lesions. Flea and tick bites can also trigger allergic reactions, causing sores or hot spots to form.
  • Open wounds – Continuous scratching, licking, or biting of a skin lesion can turn it into an open wound. This painful problem is also a prelude to infection.
  • Infections – Bacteria may enter the skin through open wounds or take up residence on the skin surface, where they feed on accumulated oils. Ear mite infestations can lead to serious ear infections. Ringworm, which causes flaky skin lesions and hair loss, is not a “worm” but a fungal infection. Yeast infections cause flakiness, hair loss, and changes in skin pigmentation/thickness.
  • Tumors – Lumps on your pet’s body may be skin tumors. A skin tumor may be either benign or (less commonly) malignant.
  • Dry skin/dull coat – Dogs and cats may develop dry skin and/or a dull coat due to nutritional imbalances, especially if they’re not getting enough omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Acne – Cats may develop acne on their chins due to blocked hair follicles in this area.

Relief, Management, and Prevention

Friendship Pet Hospital’s dermatology services can help your dog or cat feel better and avoid future skin problems. Identifying the underlying cause is a critical first step. We can perform a thorough exam, including allergy testing, to diagnose your pet’s condition, which then enables us to offer such treatment methods as:

  • Topical or oral medications to tame infections or allergy symptoms
  • Dietary changes and nutritional supplementation
  • Flea/tick/mite removal and preventative medications
  • Recommendations for creating a more skin-friendly household environment
  • Bathing and cleansing routines to optimize skin health
  • Sealing open wounds caused by acute injuries

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