Answers About Pet Dental Care From Our Fountain Hills, AZ Animal Hospital

Your pet’s teeth may seem impervious to just about anything, from crunchy foods to the occasional twig or flying disc. But dental problems can and do occur — which means that, as a caring pet owner, you’ll need to have ready answers to some important questions. Here are many of the answers you’ll need, courtesy of our Fountain Hills, AZ animal hospital.

What is the most common dental problem faced by pets?
Periodontal disease is the most common dental problem seen in pets, afflicting most animals to some degree by the time they’re 3 years old. This disease involves inflammation of the tissues surrounding the teeth. It occurs when bacteria that feed on tartar cause an inflammatory reaction that slowly destroys the dental tissues.

What can happen if one of my pet’s teeth becomes damaged?
Cracked or broken teeth are not only a source of acute pain for your beloved pet, inhibiting his ability to eat normally, but they also open the way for bacteria to enter the pulp chamber, leading to serious infection.

Do pets get oral cancer?
Pets can and do get oral cancer, an aggressive and possibly deadly disease. Oral cancer may not be evident to pet owners until it has reached an advanced level.

What are some of the telltale signs of a dental problem in my pet?
Bad breath, reddened or bleeding gums, drooling, pus, and refusal to eat are all signs that your pet needs dental help.

How can my veterinarian in Fountain Hills, AZ detect dental problems?
Your veterinarian in Fountain Hills, AZ (Dr. Hoban or Dr. Emerson) can administer annual dental exams to check your pet’s mouth for any sign of periodontal disease, oral cancer, infections or damage. Early detection means easier and more successful treatment.

Why does my pet need professional teeth cleaning?
Our professional teeth cleaning can do what your toothbrush can’t, removing tough tartar both above and below the gum line so bacteria won’t linger there and cause disease.

What treatments can you provide for dental or oral issues?
If your pet is suffering from an oral or dental problem, your veterinarian in Fountain Hills, AZ is ready to help. We can administer pain relievers and antibiotics to combat infections, treat oral cancer, and extract painfully damaged teeth that are beyond repair.

How can I take better care of my pet’s teeth between visits to your animal hospital?
We can instruct you on proper tooth brushing methods and recommend tart-control chew toys and treats to help your pet stay healthy between visits.

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