Our Scottsdale Pet Euthanasia Helps Pets Pass in Peace

Sooner or later everyone’s life comes to end, including the lives of our beloved pets. The fact that dogs and cats live much shorter lives than humans means that pet owners commonly face end-of-life decisions for their constant companions. Euthanasia is a quick, painless way to end an animal’s suffering from a critical injury, terminal disease or unbearable pain. Here at Friendship Pet Hospital, we not only provide this important service when appropriate, but we also bring it to your home so your pet can pass in optimal comfort and reassurance.at home pet euthanasia from your veterinarian in fountain hills

When Is Euthanasia Appropriate?

The decision to end a pet’s life is typically a difficult one for owners, especially if there is no cut-and-dried answer as to exactly whether and when euthanasia should be administered. In some cases, the answer will be obvious enough, but in others, you may have to look to the guidance of our veterinary team. The most critical question is whether your pet can continue to enjoy any quality of life under the current circumstances. Typical scenarios that may indicate the need for euthanasia include:

  • Refusal or inability to eat
  • Unstoppable weight loss, fluid loss or incontinence
  • Chronic pain that drugs can no longer manage
  • Inability to stand or walk
  • Loss of interest in people, favorite toys or everyday activities

While the thought of ending your own pet’s life might seem unthinkable, it’s important to bear in mind that an animal suffering from such terminal, tortuous symptoms can do nothing to relieve his own pain. Your best friend is depending on you to grant him release from his situation. In this context, euthanasia can be one of the kindest and most humane things any owner can do for a beloved animal.

Benefits of Providing Dog and Cat Euthanasia at Home

Unlike many veterinary clinics, Friendship Pet Hospital offers the option of dog and cat euthanasia at home. This service helps to ensure that your pet experiences this procedure in the comfortable, calm and content in his own familiar surroundings, in the company of his favorite people. Our Scottsdale pet euthanasia processes are very quick and easy for the animal. We may provide an initial sedative if necessary, followed by a strong anti-seizure drug called pentobarbital. This drug painlessly arrests all physical functions in as little as one minute. Dog and cat euthanasia at home is not only more reassuring and comfortable for the pet, but it can also help other pets in the household perceive that their housemate has passed, reducing their confusion and emotional turmoil.

Talk to Friendship Pet Hospital About Our Euthanasia Services

Whether the end of your pet’s life is imminent or you just need to understand your options for whenever that time might come, Friendship Pet Hospital lives up to its name by providing information, support, and care.

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