Pet Services at Friendship Pet Hospital

At Friendship Pet Hospital in Fountain Hills, we’re proud to service pets of the community, providing them with quality veterinary care. As a full service veterinarian, we can treat pets from birth through end of life, providing them with the care they need in order to thrive. Whether your pet is in need of a wellness checkup, surgery, dentistry or more, we’re your source for pet care in the Scottsdale/Fountain Hills area.

Our Fountain Hills Veterinary Services

  • Pet dentistry: Our pet dentistry services help keep your pet’s teeth clean and in good condition. We provide dental examinations, dental cleanings, cavity fillings, tooth extractions and more. We also teach pet owners how to take care of their pet’s dental hygiene at home, to help ensure that our patients get the best possible dental care.
  • Pet surgery: We provide pet surgery to animals in need of general surgical services and to pets that are having a medical emergency. Our skilled veterinarians, experienced technicians and fully-equipped surgical room can help see your pet through to the recovery room.
  • Spay and Neuter Services: Spaying and neutering helps prevent unwanted pet pregnancies and control the pet population of Scottsdale. Spaying and neutering services can also help pets of the area avoid certain illnesses later in life. At Friendship Pet Hospital in Fountain Hills, we encourage pet owners who aren’t going to breed their pet to get spaying or neutering services.
  • Declaw services: We declaw pets to help prevent owner injuries and to improve the relationship between pet and owner. Ask us more to find out how this procedure is done to determine whether or not declawing is right for your pet.
  • Wellness screenings: Our wellness checkups are an important part of our preventative medicine. Wellness checkups help us catch medical problems in pets, so your pet can get the care he or she needs in a timely manner. During wellness checkups, we’ll inspect your pet’s coat, eyes, ears and mouth. We’ll also check your pet’s heart rate, check your pet’s blood and/or feces, and listen to your pet’s breathing.
  • Vaccinations: We vaccinate pets to help them avoid common illnesses and serious diseases. Vaccinations can help save your pet’s life! We also keep track of your pet’s inoculation schedule, so you’ll always know when another shot is due.
  • In-home pet euthanasia: When a pet reaches the end of its life, it’s crucial to keep that pet comfortable. We provide in-home pet euthanasia to pets in need.

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As your Scottsdale veterinarian, we’re here to help your pet with medical emergencies and standard medical procedures. We believe that your pet deserves quality medical attention, and we’re devoted to the task of keeping your pet healthy. To find out more about our services, contact Friendship Pet Hospital today at (480) 889-0881.