To Everyone at Friendship Pet Hospital,

Thank you so much for being so caring and loving all of the time, but especially during such a difficult time as losing a loved family member.  Its so comforting and so very much appreciated!

Marcy Smith

On August 22, 2011 we lost our beautiful little girl “Cookie” to heaven.  She was the love of our life and we miss her so much.  All last Winter you took such wonderful care of her.  We want to thank you and your staff for all that you did for her.

Thank you again,
Jay, Debbie and Duke Brown

Dear Dr. Lynne Hoban and all Staff,

I want to deeply thank everyone there, especially Dr. Lynne for all of your heart felt kindness and love of Lovey.

We had 14 years of wonderful years she gave us so many gifts to show what true love is.

She loved you all and saw tender loving care was a gift.  God Bless and keep you all happy and healthy.

Thank You,
Saralee and Craig
Lovey “09”

Dear Dr. Lynne and Dr. Candice,

Thank you so much for your card, it really was thoughtful and we so appreciated it.  Thank you both for being there for Belle and Matte.  You and your staff have always been so helpful and kind!

Thank You,
Michele and Glen Panaro

Dear Dr. Lynne and Staff,

Thank you so much for coming to our rescue and going above and beyond normal duties to to stitch me up and ease my pain.

Everyone at the dog park knows the story of you staying late right before Christmas to take care of me.  I am doing better but tired of wearing shirts.

See You Soon,
Molly and Sherry

Dear Dr. Hoban,

Thank you for taking the time out of your holiday to help our Tiger. We appreciate how much you cared for Tiger.

Dave and Linnea Holden

Dear Dr. Lynne,

Thank you all for making the word “friendship” so special for “TJ” and I.

Keith Rosen

Dear Dr. Hoban and all the Staff,

Thank you for all your care and concern for both my poor sick Ripley and his owners.  We appreciate all you did for us!

Stan and Margaret Ziefert

Dear Dr. Lynne,

Thank you for al the special care you gave our beloved Sewa. She was a great dog and you truly helped her enjoy a great 2010 summer in Santa Fe.  She sure was something of a celebrity the with everyone patting he and telling her how beautiful she was. You were able to give us extra time with her and we are sincerely grateful.  We appreciate your gentle ways and helping us through thus difficult loss.  Thanks for everything.  You’re the best!

Richard and Deanna

Dear Dr. Hoban and Staff,

Marty and I want to thank you for all you did for our Pepper.  He was in great hands with you all.  Thanks also for the super paw print. I will treasure it always. My hear and my home are still lonely places right now– I’m sure things will get better though.  All the best.

Libby Zwilling